Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Spring 2019 Athena/Classic/Acad/RIAS tournament for the age group.
B13U Classic II Red 11 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Concorde Fire U13 Central Black- CL II Red 0Y109-01VB3U-7934   Kevin Rodriguez
 A2 Tiger Soccer Club U13 Elite 06- CL II Red 0Y260-01CB3U-1014   Jay Amos
 A3 AFC Lightning
AFC Lightning '06 Gold- CL II Red
0Y163-02CB3U-1301   Miguel Galindo
 A4 GSA South Select Boys
GSA South 06B Premier- CL II Red
0Y174-08CB3U-0001   Vagelis Evangelinos
 A5 MOBA Soccer Academy
MOBA-06 Boys- CL II Red
0Y314-01CB3U-0015   Brian Wilson
UFA 06B Gold - CL II Red
0Y111-0DCB3U-6931   Raul Diaz Arce
 A7 S S A
SSA Chelsea 06B Select Blue 1- CL II Red
0Y160-0CCB3U-0002   Julio Ramirez
 A8 NASA TopHat
NTH NASA 06 Premier- CL II Red
0Y198-05CB3U-9885   Stuart Scott
 A9 UFA Norcross
UFA Norcross 06B Red- C II Red
0Y111-12CB3U-2358   Jorge Tragodara
 A10 UFA South Georgia
UFA South Georgia 06B Premier - C II Red
0Y111-15CB3U-2282   Omar Morales
 A11 BFC - '06B Black- CL II Red 0Y302-03CB3U-0047   Cameron Grassmyer